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Release: 24.02.2012, CD "Mehr Sound"

Label: Chusma Records

Distribution: Groove Attack

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The music collective Raggabund is no longer an insider's secret! For years now the musical mastermind duo consisting of the brothers Paco Mendoza and Don Caramelo have been supplying their diverse fan base with high quality Reggae, Latin and Dancehall. Whether performing together with their back-up band The Dubby Conquerors (winners of the European Reggae Contest) or with DJ Lobstarr as a soundsystem crew - Raggabund always guarantees high energy shows and musical professionalism.

Paco Mendoza is a multitalent who, as a solo artist with collaboration from Hip Hop legend DJ Vadim, most recently released his solo album “Consciente y Positivo”. Aside from his role as singer and guitarist in Raggabund he holds a degree in political science and is active as a producer and composer. In addition, he hosts a weekly radio show called “Mestizo FM” at Funkhaus Europa (WDR).

Don Caramelo first gained experience in the Hip Hop scene as a member of the acclaimed Munich group Blumentopf until 1995. He successfully toured through Europe together with his band Les Babacools and released several albums. Caramelo was also a featured guest artist, performing songs together with acts such as Gentleman, Orishas, DJ Friction (Freundeskreis) and Karamelo Santo, a well known Argentinian band.

As a follow-up to their sold out debut album “Erste Welt”, Raggabund released their second album “Mehr Sound”. The musical diversity put forward is characterized by the album title, which translates in English to "More Sound." Whether Dancehall Ragga, Roots Reggae, Latinbeat, phat Hip-Hop or light ballads, Raggabund easily switches from genre to genre. The album was recorded together with the Cologne-based producer Til “Tailormade” Schneider. The classically trained Tromboneplayer recently worked with artists like BAP or Promoe ("Looptroop") in the studio and played in the renowned bands of Lalo Schiffrin & Dee Dee Bridgewater, Paquito D'Rivera, Anthony B and Dellé from Seeed. A boost to the line-up is provided by fellow artists such as the legendary Macka B, DJ Vadim, Cajus & Roger from Blumentopf, Nosliw, Dr. Ring Ding and Mal Elevé from the band Irie Révoltés who were all invited to contribute their stylings to the album.

Their lyrics prove that Raggabund does not only consist of the stereotypical Reggae-Good-Vibrations. Paco and Caramelo state their political and social positions without being patronizing or know-it-alls. Freedom or security? Economical growth or the environment? Consumerism or morality? In these areas of contemplation, the two brothers find a lot of material to question the world surrounding us. In regards to their lyrics, Raggabund manages to stay very versatile on their new album. Without coming across as pretentious, topics like the lust for life, love, social consciousness and longing are always addressed with a fitting soundtrack. Whether critical or entertaining, Raggabund are absolutely authentic - a balanced potpourri of poetry, punch line and a positive message.

Aside from Raggabund, Paco and Caramelo assert their musical talents on the Spanish language album “Caramelo Criminal” on Pias Records, which was produced together with the Hamburg based producers Silly Walks Movement. The overwhelming response transcended European borders and facilitated, in collaboration with the Goethe Institut, extensive tours through California, Mexico, Guatemala and Peru.

One should definitely not miss Raggabund live! The two brothers pull their energies together to bring you a superior Dancehall party. Their musical talent as well as their years of onstage experience is refreshingly apparent at every single show. Whether in German, Spanish or English - Raggabund inspire and excite their audience with a plethora of styles varying from acoustic guitar to a-cappella scratches to even hard Raggamuffin-Beatbox-Excesses. Because fellow musicians are well aware of their talents, it is no surprise that Raggabund toured alongside Seeed and Gentleman. There are also numerous solo-support shows they did with stars like Sean Paul, Shaggy and Fettes Brot. The ever expanding fan base speaks for itself. On youtube alone, Raggabund have accumulated currently over 4 million clicks!

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